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FOAM FESTIVAL GREYVILLE RACECOURSE: A Wet and Wild Extravaganza to Welcome the New Year.
Venue: Greyville Racecourse
150 Avondale Rd, Greyville, Durban, 4001, South Africa.
Time. 9am to 5pm
Date: 6th to 7th January 2024.
Prepare to immerse yourself in an exhilarating foam-filled adventure as Foam Festival SA splashes into Durban, on the 6th and 7th January 2024
This unique event promises to be a fantastic way to bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new one with family and friends.
About the Event
Foam Festival SA offers an extraordinary experience that will leave you and your loved ones soaked in laughter and delight. This three-day extravaganza is set to drench Durban in refreshing foam, making it the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season and find respite from the current buzzing sun and extreme heat waves. Attendees can look forward to being cooled down by sprays of foam every 15 minutes, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and relief.
The event caters to all age groups, with an array of exciting activities that include magic water bubbles, jumping castles, pedal boats, and a mouth-watering barbecue (braai). It’s a day designed to bring families and friends together for an unforgettable day of fun with rotating music DJs, all while enjoying the cooling foam and escaping the relentless heat.
Ticket bookings are now open please follow this link.
Admission Ticket Prices:
Early Bird Tickets (Available until November 30th, 2023)
Children aged 1-2: Free
Kids (2-15 years): R70
Adults (15 years and above): R80
Family of 4 (2kids and 2 Adults) R300
Group of 8 (kids or adults) R580
Group of 16 (kids or adults) R1100
Standard Tickets (Available from December 1st, 2023)
Kids (2-15 years): R80
Adults (15 years and above): R100
Family of 4 (2kids and 2 Adults) R360
Group of 8 (kids or adults) R680
Group of 16 (kids or adults) R1200
Activities Included in the Entrance Ticket:
1. Water Slides
2. Jumping Castles
3. Access to Foam pit
4. Music DJ’s
5. Picnic Area
Paid for Activities
1. Kids train
2. Swing cars
3. Kids cars
Items Allowed:
Folding Chairs
Food Stalls Available
Items Not Allowed:
Venue: Greyville Racecourse 
Featuring: Music DJs on Rotation
Parking: Safe Parking with Security
Durban will experience an extravaganza foam festival like never before, with a variety of music DJs, bursting foam, water slides, jumping castles, magic water bubbles, pedal boats, food stalls, and a vibrant market.
Foam Festival SA is the perfect way to create lasting memories with your family and friends while escaping the heat and enjoying the tunes of our incredible DJs. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to celebrate the end of the year and ring in the new one with fun, foam, and festivity.

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